Important Information
for BIP Parents


Bend Immersion Preschool is open from 8 am - 5pm. At this time we are not offering our half day program.


Students must have their immunization records on file and keep these records up to date. Active Learning Academy is required to participate in a yearly immunization audit through Deschutes County and children must be in compliance of the required immunizations. Please discuss with the director if you have questions regarding this policy.

Current Immunization Percentages
Dap: 96% Pollio: 96% Varicella: 96% MMR: 96% HepB: 96%
HpA: 96% His: 96% Non -medical Exemption: 6%


Parents are asked to supply an extra change of clothes that is placed in a labeled gallon sized ziploc bag. If your child has an accident or needs to change clothes, please make sure to bring extras the following day.

Students should be wearing clothes that are comfortable to run and jump in and shoes that can be put on by your child. Shoes with laces should only be worn if your child can tie them on their own. Please pack a water bottle and a light jacket or sweatshirt for your child at all times.

Parent Communication

It is important to maintain open communication between parents and teachers. We are committed to providing feedback on learning milestones as well as points of hardship. Every family and every student matters to us and we will always have your child's best interest at heart. We are open to suggestions and happy to offer feedback and support as well.

Parents must drop off their child to the person in charge and share any information needed to ensure a happy day. For example, if your child did not sleep well, was up late, or is extra tired, or is not feeling well, we kindly request being told this information so that we can be sensitive to your child's needs.